• TreadRight Ambassador

    TreadRight Ambassador Céline Cousteau visits TreadRight Heritage Project Laboratorio Giuditta Brozzetti in Italy

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  • The TreadRight Heritage Initiative

    The TreadRight Heritage Initiative highlights and supports artisans, invigorating the producers and preservers of heritage, culture and tradition while contributing to local economies 

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  • The TreadRight Wildlife Initiative

    The TreadRight Wildlife Initiative supports leading organisations whose collective efforts help to cover the entire chain of the illegal wildlife trade.

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  • The TreadRight Foundation

    An initiative supported by The Travel Corporation’s family of brands, the TreadRight Foundation is a not-for-profit working to ensure the environment and communities we visit remain vibrant for generations to come. 

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The Pledge We Make


“The Travel Corporation has always believed strongly that travel and tourism companies play a vital role in protecting the world’s natural habitats, cultural heritage sites and communities.”

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